Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Padded Boards

This was actually the first book I'd encountered in the lab with padded boards. The cover material felt like paper lined vinyl. The material was cracked in a few places and was coming off the padding. The spine had almost entirely deteriorated. Luckily, the sewing, original mull lining, and joints were in tact.
I removed the covering material gently with a spatula. Next, I lifted the endpapers at the turn ins. This was relatively easy because I went under the original cover material turn ins. Then I took off the few remaining bits on the spine. I pasted out the spine and lined it with Japanese tissue, then linen (PVA). The padding was only attached by four tiny dabs of glue, so I was able to fold it back on itself and bring all the new materials on to the boards. I also added a new spine piece of linen lined Morike and a stiffener, to make the spine more durable.
To recover the book, I used a sheet of Morike. I glued it down only at the spine and the turn ins, to prevent damage to the padding. Finally, I glued the original covers on the Morike (PVA). I did not bother to tone the Morike because I was afraid it would do more harm than good.

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