Saturday, October 2, 2010

Little Altered Books

So, since I have been interning at WNYBAC, I haven't been doing book conservation on a consistent basis. My duties for the last few weeks have consisted of painting walls for the exhibition space, folding letterpress cards for the gift shop, updating the events calendar and adding books to the library's catalog through Library Thing.
In a few weeks, WNYBAC is putting on Bookfest. This will be an all day event with different demonstration tables. It brings a good amount of people to the center, and usually results in new memberships, workshop sign-ups and donations. I am going to be demonstrating a simple structure, sometimes called the origami book or snake book. I will make a sample and post pictures of it.
In an effort to keep my hands busy, I have been making little altered books. Some of them I plan to give away as ornaments for the holidays. Most of them will be donated to an exhibition at the Children's Hospital in Syracuse. I have also been giving them to a friend for her yoga studio.
For the smaller ones with text, I cut old books down to size. The colorful ones were made by cutting construction paper into small squares, and fan adhesive binding them. This is a little peak at the growing pile.

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