Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Japanese Style Binding

I wanted to do a Japanese binding as a variant from the Western styles I have been working with. I wanted a beveled edge, so I tore my folios from larger sheets of Gutenberg Laid. Traditional Japanese bindings have a relatively soft cover, so I used 20 point board. To cover the board, I cut my cloth to the necessary size and glued it down only at the turn-ins. I took one of my folios, tore it in half, and drummed the single sheets against the covered boards. I positioned the folios (fold at the foredge) and the boards, and used bulldog clips to keep everything in position while I drilled the holes with a Dremel. The design I chose for the spine sewing was "The Noble Bind" (Winter 2009).*
*From Japanese Bookbinding by Kojiro Ikegami.

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