Tuesday, December 15, 2009


This was the first miniature to come into the conservation lab, (at least while I was working) and I jumped on the opportunity to treat it. I wanted to see the difference scale made in treatment. The treatment methods used were the same, but it was definitely harder to work with such small amounts of material. This miniature's text block was detached from the case and the first flysheet was detached. The case was in two pieces, and the leather was splitting in several places.
I reconnected the leather case and repaired the edges with Japanese tissue and PVA.  This picture was taken in the middle of that process. I ended up having to put Japanese tissue over the entire strap because the bonded leather continued to split after my initial repair every time I touched it. After the tissue repairs were complete, I consolidated the leather with Klucel G.

I reattached the flysheet to the text block using Japanese paper and paste. Then I attached the text block to the case by lining the spine with tissue, leaving approximately 1/4" overhang, which I used to connect the text block to the case (using paste). When that dried, I toned the case with acrylics.

When the book was finished, I made a foam case and constructed a phase box for it (Fall 2009).

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