Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Altered Book Window Display

Today at WNYBAC consisted of the usual, post office run, mopping the floors (the salt was making them nasty) and pricing some items for the shop. I also rearranged the books on our shop display table, and tacked some book bags on the wall by another shelving area. People haven't really been looking in the second shelving area because it's so close to the elevator construction. Hopefully hanging the bags will help draw people back in that direction... and sell a few bags!
I spent most of the day folding books. It's funny because when I was working on my little folded books for the exhibition, I suggested doing a window display to Jessica. But the Beyond In exhibit had just gone up, meaning nothing would move for a while, and I forgot all about it. Well, the exhibit is coming down now so Chris and Amy (independently) decided to do an altered book window display. Imagine my surprise when I came in and Chris asked if I would fold books! So I folded a few diamonds and a couple other different types, trying to add some diversity. They are planning to run cord through the books to help spread out the pages. I'm interested to see how that comes out. I always tried to use the best folding style for the spine thickness, so I'm not sure what the end result will look like with cord. I'll be sure to post some pictures.

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